Chasing Sunrise


I am in Vienna for the weekend because I have been listless too long and burned out too badly and too often shiftless to do anything except rewatch my favorite episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix. I am also in Vienna because it is here where my good friend Theresa now lives and she has invited me to visit, with promises that she would host me and that I would not have to spend a single dime for the entire trip.

There is another reason why I am here for the weekend: I am here because Vienna has always struck me as an infinitely romantic city, and I imagined it would be great to visit the places where Jesse and Céline have been and pretend that I too am young and in love.

I was actually recovering from the flu in the days leading up to the trip, and I tried to speed up my recovery with plenty of bedrest and a concoction of warm lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and honey. I’m not sure it worked because on the morning I was to fly out, my body felt as though it had been struck by a mack truck. I made it to my gate three minutes before it closed.

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