Sloughing Towards 2021

Writing year-end essays is always a difficult affair. How do you distill three hundred and sixty five days of your life in under a thousand words? How do you adequately express three hundred and sixty five days’ worth of stories in a single, succinct narrative? Other writers may find it easy and take the challengeContinue reading “Sloughing Towards 2021”

48.8566°N, 2.3522°E

I do not think that it is entirely possible for someone who grew up in the west—especially in Europe—for whom Paris is just one train ride away, somewhere they can always visit one summer or one weekend, to understand the idea of Paris for someone who grew up in a place like I did.

29 Lessons I Learned in 29 Years

Today marks the beginning of my 29th revolution around the sun—a small wonder considering there had been a time when I could barely imagine myself past the age of 25. Some days I still can’t bear the idea that i’m past 25. Today is also remarkable in that it is the beginning of the endContinue reading “29 Lessons I Learned in 29 Years”

Notes for a Moth Story Called “Johannes”*

Nothing too long or drawn out. Ten minutes, perhaps less. Use straightforward language. Simple sentences. No Jamesian syntax or vocabulary David Foster Wallace would likely approve of. The tone could either be sad, or it could be self-deprecating. Maybe both. The story is going to be about friendship. More than that, it is a story aboutContinue reading “Notes for a Moth Story Called “Johannes”*”


Today is the fifteenth of August, and today you turn twenty-seven. Not unlike the previous times you woke up on your birthday, you don’t feel that much different from the person who went to bed last night. You’re still the horny, somewhat angry, pimply, overeager self. Except now when you look in the mirror, you’veContinue reading “Twenty-seven”

Chasing Sunrise

I I am in Vienna for the weekend because I have been listless too long and burned out too badly and too often shiftless to do anything except rewatch my favorite episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix. I am also in Vienna because it is here where my good friend Theresa now lives and sheContinue reading “Chasing Sunrise”