A Note to Self

We need to talk. Listen. Cut people some slack, and for that matter, cut your own self some slack. No one has had experience dealing with the current situation, and we all have our disparate ways of navigating this uncharted territory, and it may not always look like how you imagine things to be handled. We hardly managed to figure things out in this cold, unfeeling world before the pandemic even hit—much less now.

Everyone should be given leeway to fuck things up. Yes, including you. Different people process situations differently. Yet believe that everyone is dealing with the situation as best as they can. Right now you feel displaced. Unmoored, unanchored. You don’t know how you are going to survive these next months, and homelessness is a very real and very possible threat. The present looks dark, and the future darker still. Sit with your fear, acknowledge it, honor it, but don’t magnify it, give it power. We live in scary times, and it’s okay to be scared. Get out of bed anyway. Take the pair of unreasonably expensive running shoes you had bought in the States and hardly used out for a spin; you brought it home with you for a reason. Sleep at a reasonable hour, and then wake up early—I know how much you miss it. Eat more greens, drink less beer. You always said you wanted more time to do things you love. That time is now. Just because the world has come to a screeching halt does not mean you should too. In everything that you do, be kind. We have all been dealt with a massive blow, and all of us are bruised. It’s understandable that things are difficult at the moment. You cannot always struggle gracefully, but try. Finally, allow yourself to grieve, and then let it go. 

Published by Jared Carl

Philippine-born, Berlin-based writer

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